Crow and Bier is a collective between two of the finest printers in the Mid-West,  John Opiola and Dan Borgo.  Crow and Bier is located in an active funeral home in Chicago, Illinois.  The studio serves as a private print location for boutique clothing brand KRLXNST.  Word spread about the elite print sessions; which inherently toppled with special order requests.  Crow and Bier officially opened its doors publicly in March of 2017.

  "We experimented, planned and purchased what we know to be the best equipment in the industry.   Our goal is to run a print shop that focuses on excellent customer service, printing with the utmost quality and perfecting the craft.  "

-Dan Borgo


  "Crow and Bier strives to be  extraordinary and innovative.  Having a solid knowledge in the textile t-shirt market as well as being interpersonal with our clients.  Our print styles compliment each other very well; but  it is our clients that drive us to be as creative as possible.  Crow and Bier is a bit different in this cut-throat industry. We treat all of our clients as if they are close family.  Having some involvement in their branding means that we need to produce the best product possible while surpassing their expectations." 

-John Opiola

The Funeral Home Print Shop Punks